Challenge Bathurst

ChallengeBX 2018


Climbers to Everest, drivers to Bathurst; it’s the unrivalled challenge that draws the elite from all over the world.

The exclusivity of a no limits drive on Mount Panorama is beyond compare in motor sport.

There’s been some great circuits designed and built around the world, but what makes Bathurst unique is its inherent unpredictable nature and the sheer drama of its physicality - blind corners, sudden gradient changes and the fastest corner in touring car racing in the world. A drive that’s equally daunting and exhilarating.

Being open for racing on so few occasions every year, there’s no such thing as getting in plenty of practice on this 6.2 km pinnacle of motor sport.

If life is the sum of your experiences, do something that you’ll always remember and live life to the full.

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Pit Stop

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"Bathurst is a city of contrasts; constantly evolving. Heritage-listed buildings and rich history fuse with world-class museums and galleries. Spectacular natural wonders co-exist with a modern cultural landscape. The food scene is innovative and signature events are of an international standard. Come and discover this dynamic and evolving regional city that’s full of authentic charm and heart."

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