Circuit Facts

The track is a public road for the majority of the year and as such regular road rules apply (incl.2 way traffic, 60km/hr speed limit). It is 174 metres from the bottom of the circuit (Pit Straight) to the top of Skyline, "as the crow flies". Race direction (during major events) is anti-clockwise.

Mount Panorama is unique in its rural setting. There are over 40 private residences located around the circuit (inside and outside). Private businesses also exist on the Mount - including: luxury accommodation, a winery, restaurant and fruit orchard. Several local sporting associations also use the Mount as a base for their activities, including the Sporting Shooters Association, Bathurst Rifle Club, Bathurst Gun Club, Panorama Motorcycle Club, and, of course, the Bathurst Light Car Club.

The National Motor Racing Museum sits on Murray's Corner, showcasing an impressive array of motorcycle and car racing memorabilia from all over the country. The mix of homes, businesses and sporting clubs adds to the mystique of the Mount, creating a laid-back, welcoming feel to this remarkable track.


Circuit MapCircuit Length: 6.213km

Length of Conrod Straight = 1.916km

Length of Mountain Straight = 1.111km

Highest Point: 862m above sea level

Grades of up to 1 in 6.13 

Types of Vehicles: Although Mount Panorama has previously hosted motorcylce races, due to driver and spectator safety this is no longer allowed. Motorcylces require a large 'run-off' area for accidents. At Mount Panorama there is little run-off as they ascend and descend on the track. If a rider were to come off at speed in these tight corners with close barricades, their chances of survival are slim. It is for this reason that motorcycle races are not likely to occur, unless an alternate route and track expansion takes place.